The role of the prophetic in business and government has largely been lost. In ancient times heads of nations were surrounded by prophetic voices. The supernatural realm was accessed whenever a leader needed direction in order to hear from God what they should do.

In this age of intense competition, few appear to have a chance of making an imprint, let alone establish a commercial footprint.  Seemingly only those with limitless cash flow, a continuous stream of new and improved products and a large entourage of lawyers focussed on outsmarting and outthinking anyone who stands in the way of increased market share and profits, have a chance of making it ‘big’.

For the ordinary man and woman in business, divine help is needed. Prophetic voices need to be heard again in the corridors of our businesses and the function of the God-ordained prophet revived.


Paul wrote to the born-again believers in Corinth that all of them are to earnestly desire and cultivate the spiritual gifts especially that you may prophesy. The Amplified Bible explains the word prophesy as the ability to interpret the divine will and purpose of God. (1 Cor 14:1).

The prophetic is available to all who have received the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Source of God-given spiritual gifts. (Luk 11:13, Eph 1:3, 1 Cor 12).


In 1 Cor 12, the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit are described. These nine have been classified in three categories. Their definitions, as per Dakes Annotated Reference Bible, are listed below for your reference. As you read each one, imagine having this gift operating in your business.

Gifts of revelation

  1. The word of wisdom. This is a supernatural revelation, or insight into the divine will and purpose, showing how to solve any problem that may arise.
  2. The word of knowledge. This is supernatural revelation of divine knowledge, or insight into the divine mind, will or plan; and also the plans of others that man could not know by himself.
  3. Discerning of spirits. This is supernatural revelation, or insight into the realms of spirits (good and bad) to detect them and their plans and to read the minds of men.

Gifts of power

  1. Faith. This is a supernatural ability to believe God without human doubt, unbelief, and reasoning.
  2. Healing. This is supernatural power to heal all manner of sickness without human aid or medicine.
  3. Working of power (miracles). This is supernatural power to intervene in the ordinary course of nature and to counteract natural laws if necessary.

Gifts of inspiration

  1. Prophesy. This is a supernatural utterance in the native tongue. It is a miracle of divine utterance, not conceived by human thought or reasoning (1 Cor 14:3). It includes speaking to men for:
  • Edification: building up, in a moral and religious sense; instruction; improvement and progress of the mind, in knowledge, in morals, or in faith and holiness
  • Exhortation: to encourage, to embolden, to cheer, to advise, to excite or to give strength, spirit or courage
  • Comfort: to strengthen the mind when depressed or enfeebled; to console; to give new vigour to the spirits; to cheer, or relieve from depression, or trouble.
  1. Tongues. This is supernatural utterance in other languages which are not known to the speaker.
  2. Interpretation of tongues. This is supernatural ability to interpret in the native tongue what is uttered in other languages not known by the one who interprets by the Spirit.


Business Thoughts Reflections

  • Have you personally experienced the Father drawing you to Jesus Christ (Joh 6:44-45) and the new birth and renewal accomplished by the Holy Spirit (Joh 3:6-8, Tit 3:5-6)?
  • Have you and members of your team been filled with the Holy Spirit (Act 4:31) and are the gifts of the Spirit actively at work in your lives and business (1 Cor 2:12-14, 12:4, 7, 11, Heb 2:4)?
  • Which of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit do you need most right now to overcome a deadlock in a business decision (1 Cor 12:8-10)?

In the next post, we will explore the role and purpose of the prophet in business and government.

Let’s get inspired, divine help to overcome obstacles and succeed where we have failed before.