If My people who are called by My name, would humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land (2 Chr 7:14).  Business will be restored (Pro 16:11). The principles of the Kingdom will be made whole once again enabling owners to plough a straight row (Heb 5:12: Luk 9:62).

People cannot work when there is no clear sound. The sound of the bugle needs to be heard loud and clear in the land once more (1 Cor 14:8). A chosen few, a select number will be given the wisdom principles of the Kingdom (Eph 3:10). None of it will make sense at first and will seem like foolishness to those who are wise in the ways of the modern world. Industrialists and economist who know all the loopholes of the law will laugh at the kingdom builders, those “foolish enough” to lead in the ways of the Lord (1 Cor 1:19-20; 3:9) . Mr and Mrs PhD will despise these little ones in My Kingdom (Mat 18:10). These little ones will lead in a way they themselves know not, yet, even while their eyes are blindfolded to the way, their hearts are alive with faith and trust in My ability to bring them through (Isa 42:16). Like Elisha, they will use what they have and bring an offering to Me (1 Kin 19:19-21). They will follow Me based on relationship, not based on what their natural eyes can see.

Elisha, like Elijah, was a man with a human nature (Jam 5:17). He was hungry, desperate even, for more of God to the extent that he asked for a double portion of what rested on Elijah (2 Kin 2:9-13). He used his power at first in what seemed to be a careless way (2 Kin 2:23-24). He stood out among the sons of the prophets as having greater insight and authority. He feared God and not man. He was a man who stood alone amidst a prophetic people. One of the prophets yet standing apart.

Elisha needed Jehu to exercise kingly authority to bring about judicial changes in government (2 Kin 9-10). Legislation needs to be passed for the Kingdom work to continue and for a highway to be formed to lead the people of God to a place of safety (Isa 35:8). How can kingdom builders work and succeed unless faces are turned with favour towards them? How can kingdom builders change the face of commerce unless loopholes in the law are exposed and a better way, a way that promises rich returns, is laid fast – preventing the rug from being pulled out under them (Isa 60:16-17)? I am such a Way. I make such a way. I grant men favour with God and with men (Luk 2:52). I appoint. I place people in authority and remove people according to My will and purpose (Psa 75:6-7; Pro 22:29).

Kingdom builders will come forth in 2015 like never seen on earth before. A sound will start circling the globe that will be heard by those who have ears to hear (Luk 8:8; Act 2:2). A sound wave of Kingdom keys, principles, business plans and blueprints, a release of creative Kingdom ideas will flood the market. At first it will appear chaotic, but as the frequency of the sound wave is tuned, those who have ears to hear will be connected. I AM the Connector. I appoint and introduce like-minded and like-hearted people to one another (Rev 3:8; Exo 31:1-4).

Do not be deceived and do not be mocked – not all you meet are what they seem. Test the spirits (1 Joh 4:1-4). Do not present your secret revelations to everyone who lends you their ear (Mat 7:6). Discern who to share what with. Wisdom child (Pro 1:7: 4:7). Use wisdom. Ask Me for wisdom (Jam 1:5). Do not give away to the unrighteous who would take the kingdom idea and trade with it for their own advantage and defraud a kingdom people (Jud 1:16; Phi 2:20-21). Guard your heart in this little one (Pro 4:23).

Joseph spoke too soon about the ruler-ship plans and vision I had for his life (Gen 37:4-5). Nehemiah did not share the blueprint God had given him until he had assessed the full damage and until he had a first-hand view of the extent of the restorative construction work he was called to complete (Neh 2:12, 16). Once he got started, he refused to allow opposing voices that would hinder what he was doing to distract him, saying, I am busy with important work and cannot come down (to your level of discontent) (Neh 6:3).

He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying.

Brethren, we are called to be about our Father’s business in 2015 (Luk 2:49). Shall we put our hands to the plough and refuse to look back (Luk 9:62)? Will we, like the original disciples, leave all our own ideas and natural knowledge and allow Him to lead us onto the highway of holiness (Luk 18:28; Psa 110:3)? Shall we purpose to let His Kingdom come and His will be done – as He wishes – and not lean on our own understanding (Pro 3:5)? Will we follow, although He leads us in ways we have not known (Isa 42:16)?

Let us be strong and of good courage (Jos 1:6-9).

His grace be with you all.