This week we continue to reflect on Bill Hybels’ hard-fought leadership lesson that 


Employees cannot continue to work long term in a negative culture where high visionary leaders make them feel like an unappreciated, expendable “number”. There comes a time when people leave managers regardless of the greatness of the vision for the organisation.

Today we will take a brief look at how God views people and how to positively change the culture of an organisation.

God is running an organisation called the Kingdom of Heaven right here on earth. His Son Jesus came to the earth as the Chief Executive Officer to start laying the foundation of His organisation. Jesus selection and recruitment programme failed all the modern norms. He chose a bunch of unqualified people and set about changing the culture. How did he do that? He demonstrated that the cared more for the people and was more concerned about getting a relational culture established than in fast tracking the vision. He used the vision to draw his team into relationship. When his managers messed up by preventing visiting parents from bringing their little children to Him, He told them, My organisation belongs to these little ones, bring them to me (Lu 18:15-17). When members of the community did not buy into His organisational vision and some of his managers wanted to destroy what they considered the competition, He rebuked them severely, made it clear that their culture needs changing and drew them back into relationship by explaining the vision once more (Lu 9:52-56).

Leadership Reflections

  • Do you know the names of the spouses and children of your employees?
  • Do you use misunderstandings to draw people back into relationship?
  • Do you write people off because they still do not understand every facet of your vision for the organisation?

In the next post, we will continue to explore how you and your executive team can fix the culture of your organisation.

Happy leading.