Fellow leaders

Paying taxes is a heart matter. Will you give to the government what belongs to them by right and by law? Or will you withhold and falsify your personal and business tax returns?

As a leader (ruler) you are to fulfil your duties to the government, even if that government is corrupt.

  • The authorities that exist are appointed by God (Pro 8:15, Dan 4:32, Ps 75:6-7, Rom 13:1)
  • He, who resists authority, resists what God has appointed (Rom 13:2).
  • Authority is intended to be exercised for the good of the people (Rom 13:3-4)
  • Paying taxes keeps your conscience clear before God and avoids punishment by the ruling authorities (Luk 20:20-25, Rom 13:3-7).

God does not approve of a corrupt government, ungodly officials or unjust legislation. However, in punishment for sins of the people, or for other reasons known to Him, God allows evil rulers to have authority for a time.

Paying taxes to earthly authorities is a general rule that applies to all, regardless of the goodness or otherwise of the ruling authorities. Disobeying the government is permitted only when we are commanded to sin against God, since loyalty to Him takes priority over all human authority (Act 5:28-29).

Business Thoughts Reflections

  • Have you, or are you falsifying your personal or business tax returns?
  • Do you expect your staff to participate in falsifying your accounts?
  • Consider your attitude towards paying taxes. Do you need to make a shift from doing so grudgingly to doing it joyfully, seeing that it is a God-given command?

Be found honourable and above reproach.