Jesus sent out His disciples saying that He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me. He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward. And he who receives a righteous one in the name of a righteous one will receive a righteous one’s reward.  (Mat 10:40-41). What did He mean by that? His disciples were to reflect His blameless (righteous, holy) character and prophetically declare whatever He revealed to them (Mat 10:26-27). Those who take and eat the word they bring will receive the exact same reward as the one speaking the word (Mat 5:12; 6:1; 2 Chro 36:15-16). There is a much needed promise and key in that statement. If we are to achieve personal and business success, we need to weigh the promise and learn to apply the key.


One of the functions of prophets is to speak that which is not into existence. Jesus spoke the universe into existence by prophesying to nothing to bring forth creation (Joh 1:1-3; 1 Cor 8:6; Heb 11:3).

As God-in-the-flesh, He spoke and did only what the Father revealed to Him (Joh 5:19, 30).  Creative miracles took place. The hungry were fed. The Samaritan woman’s past revealed in order to lead her to salvation (Joh 4). A Roman captain’s son was healed when he expressed faith in the power of Jesus’ prophetic declaration (Mat 8:5-10).

Jesus set His disciples up for success by telling them everything the Father had revealed to Him (Joh 15:15) and promising them a Helper that would teach them all they needed to know and cause them to remember everything He told them (Joh 14:26; 15:26-27). That same key to success applies to those who take and eat.


Jesus confirmed that the role of the prophet would be on-going and substantiated this when He gave the prophet’s office as one of the 5-fold governing gifts after His ascension (Eph 4:7-14). The Lord still does nothing without revealing His secrets to the prophets (Amo 3:7; Rev 10:7).


Prophets do not know everything because God makes known ‘in part’ what He deems necessary for a situation (2 Kin 4:27; 1 Cor 13:12). Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt not knowing that he would not enter the Promised Land himself (Num 20:7-12). Daniel did not know a death warrant had been issued, or that God would use him to revoke it (Dan 2). Nathan told King David to go ahead and  build a house for God, but that same evening the Lord told him that David was not to do it (2 Sam 7:1-17).

Prophets are grace-carriers. Unless you recognise their role and function, you cannot take and eat what they set before you. They are also human and need to grow to maturity (Jam 5:17; Jer 1:5-10). Make allowances for them, test the spirit operating through them and determine the legitimacy of their message.

Business Thoughts Reflections

  • Do you realise that you cannot receive the promised reward, unless you recognise and receive the gift God sends you and dine on what is shared with you?
  • Has a prophet been sent to you with a message? Adding a piece to the blueprint for your life or business; warning you of danger to come; or interpreting a dream?
  • Did you pray into it and seek God’s direction? (1 The 5:20-22; Act 17:11; Hab 2:2-3; Luk 8:15-18). Whatever God confirms, take and eat. Then you will have your reward.

In the next post, we will take a look at how God endorsed Abraham as a prophet even though Abraham was living a lie.