Fellow leaders

Giving to charity is admirable. Many companies make regular contributions to worthy causes in their communities. Some organisations involve employees in selecting a project or charitable cause that they would personally like to donate a few hours of their time to, as an added extra to the monetary gift.

The rewards for good deeds are plenty, yet some will be very short lived.


  • Giving as a means to get your name (or company’s name) in the paper has a short-term earthly award. You may have your moment of fame, your picture in the paper, and a column describing your social responsibility “acts” in the company advertising material. But, there will be no reward for this type of giving in heaven (Mat 6:1-2).


  • Giving without letting others know about it, e.g. without seeking to gain favourable opinion or obtain new business, pleases God and will lead to Him rewarding you openly (Mat 6:3-4). Now this is good business practice.


Cornelius, a non-commissioned Roman military officer in charge of a hundred men was full of good works and charitable deeds. He prayed to God regularly, seeking relationship, but had not yet experienced personal salvation. God, who saw what he did in secret, sent an angel to him in a vision to tell him that “Your prayers and your charitable deeds have come up before God as a memorial”. Wow! God looked at what Cornelius had built in heaven and dispatched a messenger to answer his prayers and give him what he needed (Act 10). Giving in secret is a wonderful way to get God’s attention.


Business Thoughts Reflections

  • Whose admiration are you (your company) seeking when you contribute to charity? Man’s approval or God’s?


  • Do you only give when you can make it tax-deductible? What does that say about the motives of your heart? Is it still about what you can get in return for your “good” deed?


  • Do you need a break-through in your business? Consider giving without telling others about it and build your memorial before God. Let Him reward you publicly.


Let not your left hand know what your right hand is giving.